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This collection includes academic and creative works produced by UPRM students apart from theses, dissertations, and project reports submitted for graduate degrees. These may include textual documents (articles, books, book chapters, technical reports, etc.), conference presentations, research posters, and other products such as maps, graphics, or computer code. Works in this collection may or may not be produced as part of a class. To learn more about what works can be submitted to this collection, visit


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    Oral history interview with Wilson Rodríguez Olmeda, November 25, 2023
    (Oral History Lab @UPRM, ) Rodríguez Olmeda, Wilson (Narrator) ; Hidalgo Rodríguez, Fernando (Interviewer)
    The narrator's name is Wilson Rodriguez Olmeda, the grandfather of Fernando Hidalgo Rodriguez (interviewer). He was a teacher, policeman, owner of an auto parts shop, and worked in the construction business until he turned sixty five. He addresses the times when he was a kid, when he started working, and a small period of his married life. The discrimination towards people in different political campaigns is adressed during the couse of the interview. Wilson goes against the government that mostly helps the same people of their political campaign. Everybody is equal, we are all human and we are allowed to have the same rights and benefits. Listen to this interview to find out Wilson's point of view in the refugee crisis!
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    Oral history interview with Janet Acevedo, November 17, 2023
    (Oral History Lab @UPRM, ) Acevedo, Janet (Narrator) ; Rodríguez, Naomi (Interviewer)
    Janet is a very dedicated woman, in all facets of her life as a worker, as a mother and especially as a daughter. Growing up in economic disparity she quickly learned the importance of family and perseverance. When Hurricane Maria came, and her parents’ financial situation turned dire, her and her siblings saw themselves carrying their financial needs and providing for them. But Janet, especially, saw herself carrying the burden of their health appointments. In this story she recounts her experiences dealing with a poor health care system and a very sick father in need of medical attention in the past two years. Along with her distaste of the governments handling of the island wide crisis.
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    Oral history interview with Sepúlveda, November 7, 2023
    (Oral History Lab @UPRM, ) Sepúlveda (Narrator) ; Jakob (Interviewer)
    Sepúlveda, a Cabo Rojo native, is a second-year software engineering student deeply immersed in the worlds of video games and martial arts. His journey from childhood memories of gaming with his father to achieving a second-degree black belt in taekwondo showcases his resilience and passion for both the digital and physical realms. Currently navigating the challenges of software engineering studies, Kenneth's diverse interests and experiences contribute to a nuanced perspective on societal trends and social justice issues. In this interview, we delve into the life of Sepulveda, a second-year software engineering student residing in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The narrative traverses key periods of his life, from childhood memories centered around bonding over video games with his father to his journey through taekwondo, global competitions, and academic pursuits in software engineering. Kenneth shares vivid accounts of the impact of hurricanes, particularly Hurricane Maria, which brought communal unity amid the destruction in his neighborhood. The interview also touches upon the lingering consequences of Hurricane Fiona.
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    Oral history interview with Luis, November 21, 2023
    (Oral History Lab @UPRM, ) Luis (Narrator) ; Acevedo López, Luis Javier (Interviewer)
    The narrator in this interview is Luis. The interview provides a personal perspective of the narrator's experiences during Hurricane Maria in Moca, Puerto Rico. The narrator is depicted as a humble, responsible, and hardworking man who, as a cook at San Carlos Hospital, played a crucial role during the hurricane in ensuring patients received necessary nourishment. The interview primarily addresses the period surrounding Hurricane Maria in September 2017, specifically focusing on the narrator's experiences as he navigated the challenges of working in a hospital during the storm, the devastation to his home, and the subsequent process of reconstruction. The interview references significant events such as the arrival of Hurricane Maria, the challenges faced by essential workers like the narrator during the aftermath, and the community's collective efforts to rebuild in the tight-knit neighborhood of Naranjo, Moca. Other significant elements in the interview include the narrator's childhood memories, his early work experiences in a bakery, and his passion for animals, especially horses. The broader societal trend highlighted is the resilience of Puerto Ricans in the face of natural disasters, emphasizing community strength and determination in overcoming adversity.
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    Oral history interview with Samuel Pagán López, November 15, 2023
    (Oral History Lab @UPRM, ) Pagán López, Samuel (Narrator) ; Núñez Pagán, Naielys (Interviewer)
    Samuel Pagán López is a retired plumber who worked for 38 years. He also worked in the construction of some buildings of the UPRM for three and a half years where he had an accident that changed his life forever. Mangual Coliseum has some of his worst memories, but he is still grateful for his experience. Now he lives with his wife peacefully in their forever home, having family reunions and watching their grandchildren. The interview took place in Moca, Puerto Rico on November 15, 2023. He is currently 72 years old, and he remembers all the details of that horrible accident that happened in September of 1972 when he was just 22 years old.