Nonlinear soil–structure interaction analysis of embedded wall structures subjected to earthquake loads

dc.contributor.advisor Vidot Vega, Aidcer L. Cruz Chamorro, Andrea E. College of Engineering
dc.contributor.committee Montejo Valencia, Luis A.
dc.contributor.committee Suárez, Luis E.
dc.contributor.committee Ramos Cabeza, Ricardo
dc.contributor.department Department of Civil Engineering
dc.contributor.representative Almodóvar Rivera, Ismael 2023-05-19T13:39:04Z 2023-05-19T13:39:04Z 2023-05-09
dc.description.abstract This study evaluates how soil-structure interaction affects the behavior of seismic soil pressures in deeply embedded structures, particularly those found in nuclear power plant buildings. Two-dimensional finite element models of an embedded wall-soil system were developed in Abaqus. A total of seven selected earthquake ground motions were used in the analyses. Then, three-dimensional finite element models of embedded wall-soil systems with typical thicknesses found in nuclear power plant buildings were modeled, taking into account the interaction between soil and structure. Bonded and friction contact conditions were considered in the two and three-dimensional models to assess the impact of those conditions in the developed seismic soil pressures. Three commonly used analytical methods (Mononobe-Okabe (1926), Wood (1973), and Ostadan (2005)) were employed to compare the seismic pressure results obtained from the finite element models. Furthermore, the effect of including only one horizontal component of ground motion versus including two horizontal components was studied. The results showed that the behavior of soil pressures varies depending on the stiffness of the wall, how soil-structure interaction is modeled, and whether more than one earthquake component is considered in the analysis. Additionally, it was demonstrated that analytical methods can underestimate the magnitude of generated pressures when the flexibility of the structure and soil-structure interaction are taken into account.
dc.description.abstract Este estudio evalúa como la interacción entre suelo y estructura afecta el comportamiento de las presiones sísmicas de suelo en paredes empotradas, con énfasis en las encontradas típicamente en edificios de plantas nucleares. Varios modelos de elemento finitos de un sistema de pared empotrada y suelo fueron desarrollados en Abaqus. Un total de siete terremotos fueron escogidos para los análisis. Luego, se realizó modelos en elementos finitos en tres dimensiones del sistema de paredes empotradas y suelo con espesores típicos encontrados en plantas nucleares considerando la interacción entre el suelo y la estructura. Se utilizaron tres métodos analíticos (Mononobe-Okabe (1926), Wood (1973) y Ostadan (2005)) comúnmente en la práctica de ingeniería para comparar los resultados obtenidos de los modelos de elemento finitos. Además, se estudió el efecto que tiene el incluir solo un componente horizontal de los terremotos con incluir dos componentes horizontales del mismo sismo. Los resultados demostraron que el comportamiento de las presiones de suelo varía dependiendo de la rigidez de la pared, cómo se modela la interacción entre suelo y estructura y el considerar más de un componente de los terremotos en el análisis. Además, se pudo demostrar que los métodos analíticos subestiman la magnitud de las presiones generadas, mayormente cuando se toma en consideración la flexibilidad de la estructura y la interacción de suelo y estructura.
dc.description.graduationSemester Spring
dc.description.graduationYear 2023
dc.description.sponsorship This work was performed under award NRC-HQ-60-17-G-0033 from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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dc.subject Soil-structure interaction
dc.subject Nonlinear analysis
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dc.title Nonlinear soil–structure interaction analysis of embedded wall structures subjected to earthquake loads
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