Two new species of <em>Toxonotus</em> Lacordaire, 1866 (Coleoptera: Anthribidae: Platystomini) from Puerto Rico and adjacent islands

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Heinemann, Lance
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Van-Dam, Alex
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Species in the genus <em>Toxonotus</em> (Lacordaire, 1866) are described for the first time in Puerto Rico and its jurisdictions. Two new species are described, annotated with digital images, and added to a key to the genus: <em>Toxonotus borboroulous</em> n. sp. from Puerto Rico and Vieques Island and <em>Toxonotus ochrothrixus</em> n. sp. from Mona Island. These species belong to the family Anthribidae, commonly known as Fungus Weevils, which are a group of beetles with some species that feed on fungus. Specimens were described morphologically using comparisons to digitally imaged specimens and published records. Diagnostic characteristics were used to place both species into a new key for the entire genus <em>Toxonotus</em>. Supplemental habitus images and genitalia line drawings were edited digitally. Both new species were nearly identical to described Nearctic species and were differentiated by vestiture and color. Types are stored at the University of Puerto Rico Invertebrate Collection (UPRM INVCOL).

Se describen por primera vez especies del g&eacute;nero <em>Toxonotus</em> (Lacordaire, 1866) en Puerto Rico y sus jurisdicciones. Se describen dos especies nuevas, se anotan con im&aacute;genes digitales y se agregan a una clave del g&eacute;nero: <em>Toxonotus borboroulous</em> n. sp. de Puerto Rico y la Isla Vieques y <em>Toxonotus ochrothrixus</em> n. sp. de la isla de Mona. Estas especies pertenecen a la familia Anthribidae, com&uacute;nmente conocidas como gorgojos del hongo, que son un grupo de escarabajos con especies que se alimentan de hongos. Las muestras se describieron morfol&oacute;gicamente mediante comparaciones con muestras obtenidas con im&aacute;genes digitales y registros publicados. Se utilizaron caracter&iacute;sticas de diagn&oacute;stico para colocar a ambas especies en una nueva clave para todo el g&eacute;nero <em>Toxonotus</em>. Se editaron digitalmente im&aacute;genes suplementarias de habitus y dibujos de genitales. Ambas especies nuevas eran casi id&eacute;nticas a las especies ne&aacute;rticas descritas y se diferenciaban por vestiduras y colores. Los tipos se almacenan en la Colecci&oacute;n de Invertebrados de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPRM INVCOL).
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