Optimal location of photovoltaic generators into the electrical distributed network in a Puerto Rican community

dc.contributor.advisor Andrade Rengifo, Fabio Garzón Rivera, Oscar Daniel College of Engineering
dc.contributor.committee Grisales, Luis Fernando
dc.contributor.committee Irizarry Rivera, Agustin
dc.contributor.department Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
dc.contributor.representative Lorenzo Gonzalez, Edgardo 2023-05-16T15:09:41Z 2023-05-16T15:09:41Z 2023-05-12
dc.description.abstract This research addressed the problem of optimal location of photovoltaic systems in electrical distribution networks in low-income communities through the application of Geodata, QGIS, openDSS and a genetic optimization algorithm in MATLAB. The low-income community studied is called La Salud, located in Mayag¨uez, PR, and the following methodology was proposed to solve the problem: identify the electrical and civil structure of the distribution system, determine the power of the available solar resource, model the distribution system in openDSS, and finally, evaluate the two simulation scenarios using the openDSS/MATLAB interface. To validate the proposed methodology, two simulation scenarios were used. One consisted of distributed and localized PV systems using optimization. The other consisted of PV systems located in the sections closest to the substation. The analysis of the scenarios was performed from the point of view of power losses, cost and emission reduction.
dc.description.abstract Esta investigacion abordo el problema de la localizacion optima de sistemas fotovoltaicos en redes de distribucion electrica en comunidades de bajos ingresos mediante la aplicacion de Geodata, QGIS, openDSS y un algoritmo de optimizacion genetica en MATLAB. La comunidad de bajos ingresos estudiada se llama La Salud, localizada en Mayaguez, PR, y se propuso la siguiente metodologıa para resolver el problema: identificar la estructura electrica y civil del sistema de distribucion, determinar la potencia del recurso solar disponible, modelar el sistema de distribucion en openDSS, y finalmente, evaluar los dos escenarios de simulacion utilizando la interfaz openDSS/MATLAB. Para validar la metodologıa propuesta, se utilizaron dos escenarios de simulacion. Uno consistıa en sistemas PV distribuidos y localizados mediante optimizacion. El otro consistıa en sistemas PV localizados en las secciones mas cercanas a la subestacion. El analisis de los escenarios se realizo desde el punto de vista de las perdidas de potencia, el coste y la reduccion de emisiones.
dc.description.graduationSemester Spring
dc.description.graduationYear 2023
dc.description.sponsorship U.S Economic Development Administration (EDA) for their financial support though SEC collaboration
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dc.subject PV systems
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dc.subject.lcsh Photovoltaic power systems - Puerto Rico
dc.subject.lcsh Solar panels
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dc.title Optimal location of photovoltaic generators into the electrical distributed network in a Puerto Rican community
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