Effect of different postharvest solutions on three species with potential for the cut flower industry

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Muñiz-Colón, Gladycia C.
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González-Gill, Lizzette
College of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Crops and Agro-Environmental Sciences
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Evaluation Brassica juncea, Leonotis nepetifolia and Kalanchoe delagoensis was conducted to determine their potential as cut flower crops. Inflorescences were harvested and evaluated with postharvest solutions. Solutions were classified as: Solution 1 ( a control of distilled, deionized water), Solution 2 (19.72 g/L sucrose, 1 mL/L Clorox®, 0.147 g/L citric acid), and Solution 3 (19.72 g/L sucrose, 1mL/L Clorox®, 0.147 g/L citric acid, 0.221 g/L KCl and 0.257 g/L K2SO4). Daily evaluation for number of flowers was performed until deemed unmarketable. Results of this research demonstrated the potential of B. juncea and L. nepetifolia as cut flower crops, lasting both species an average of 17 days. The difficulty in handling and transportation of K. delagoensis flowers limits its potential for the cut flower industry, even though they can last an average of 19 days.

Se condujo una evaluación de Brassica juncea, Leonotis nepetifolia y Kalanchoe delagoensis para determinar su potencial como flor de corte. Inflorescencias fueron colectadas y evaluadas con soluciones de post-cosecha. Las soluciones fueron clasificadas como: Solución 1 (control de agua destilada y deionizada), Solución 2 (19.72 g/L sacarosa, 1 mL/L Clorox®, 0.147 g/L ácido cítrico) y Solución 3 (19.72 g/L sacarosa, 1mL/L Clorox®, 0.147 g/L ácido cítrico, 0.221 g/L KCl y 0.257 g/L K2SO4). Evaluaciones fueron hechas cada día para número de flores hasta que no eran mercadeables. Los resultados de esta investigación demostraron el potencial de B. juncea y L. nepetifolia como plantas para flor de corte durando ambas especies un promedio de 17 días. Kalanchoe delagoensis presenta dificultades en el manejo y transportación lo que limita su potencial para la industria de flores de corte, a pesar que pueden durar un promedio de 19 días.
Brassica juncea
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