Wireless internet controlled surveillance robot

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Zhang, Yufeng
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Jia, Yi
College of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Robotics has greatly facilitated an increasingly wide range of the applications of robots in this age and it is also integrated in more and more areas. On the other hand, in this fast-growing modern society, networking is an inseparable part in people’s lives, the combination of robot and networking has gradually become a very hot topic in the research of robotics field. Network-controlled robots can be utilized in some dangerous areas, such as in detection of hazardous environments and special environments which are unreachable for human beings. Closer to our routine life, they are employed for security and safety use in buildings and constructions which is known as surveillance robot. These robots make up or offset defects of the location-fixed temperature detectors, door-break detectors or surveillance cameras due to their innate limitations of detective range or blind spot. In this thesis, a design and implementation of a Wireless Remote Control System (WRCS) has been developed. A surveillance robot can be locally and globally controlled through wireless network in this system based on client/server model with visual feedback of the working environment. The communication in this system is established by using Wi-Fi technology while the commanding and visual signal packets are transmitted by adopting stream socket. The system mainly consists of end user program, hardware and firmware modified wireless routers as wireless devices and embedded-based microcontroller named Arduino. The performance of this system has been evaluated at the end of this thesis. The functions of motion control of the robot car and the real-time surveillance feedback both in the local and global control mode are working as it was designed. It adheres with our anticipation and proposed design completely. The work of this thesis demonstrates the Wireless Remote Control System is a feasible and reliable solution to carry out real-time remote control through the Internet with visual feedback from the working environmental activities.
Wireless Remote Control System (WRCS),
network-controlled robots
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