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    • Oral history interview with Diego Andrés De Sevilla Acosta, March 4, 2022 

      De Sevilla Acosta, Diego Andrés (Narrator); Acevedo Martínez, Valerie Marie (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-04)
      The government of Puerto Rico has treated education as a secondary option for students. Budget cuts have been made around various educational institutions, but mostly focused on the public school system. This includes ...
    • Oral history interview with José Rafael Cruz Ortiz, March 9, 2022 

      Cruz Ortiz, José Rafael (Narrator); Cruz Ortiz, Juan Gabriel (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-09)
      José Rafael Cruz Ortiz, a 22 year-old student from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, tells us the story of how he endured the Hurricane Maria catastrophe, numerous protests, and the pandemic whilst still trying ...
    • Oral history interview with Cesamil Irizarry Vélez, March 13, 2022 

      Irizarry Vélez, Cesamil (Narrator); Gutiérrez, Jason R. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-13)
      In this interview, there are many topics that are discussed, from the general effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico to its effects on the education system and its students. Professor Cesamil Irizarry Vélez gives us ...
    • Oral history interview with Carlos Rodríguez García, March 11, 2022 

      Rodríguez García, Carlos (Narrator); Claudia (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-11)
      In this interview, I sat down with Carlos Rodríguez García, and we talked about when Hurricane Georges hit Puerto Rico. At that time, he lived in Humacao with his wife and his son, who was about 9 months old. Carlos mentioned ...
    • Comparison of handline, underwater visual census (UVC), and remote underwater video (RUV) used by fisheries-independent programs to assess reef fish abundance and biomass 

      López-González, Leysa (2022-08-08)
      Concerning declines in fish populations have ecological and socio-economic implications, jeopardizing the source of income and food security of millions of families. The purpose of fisheries independent programs is to ...
    • Conjunto Tecnológico para la Producción de Tomate de Ensalada 

      Cortés Pérez, Mildred; Fornaris Rullán, Guillermo J.; Martínez, Sonia L.; Rivera, Luis E.; Lugo, María de L.; Cabrera, Irma; Armstrong, Arístides; Rosa, Evelyn; Estévez de Jensen, Consuelo; Vicente, Nydia; Comas, Myrna; Hernández Heredia, Ermita (2021)
      Esta publicación presenta información básica sobre el cultivo de tomate de ensalada, así como una serie de prácticas de producción, algunas de las cuales han sido desarrolladas por el programa de investigación de la Estación ...
    • Oral history interview with Jose Luis Lopez Nieves, May 20, 2022 

      Lopez Nieves, Jose Luis (Narrator); Martinez Lopez, Orlando Jose (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-20)
      In this interview we talked with Jose about the issues that government has currently and how they affected throughout Hurricane Maria, the earthquakes of 2020 and the pandemic. We also gave our insights into how it could ...
    • Oral history interview with Adelaida Torres Alicea, March 29, 2022 

      Torres Alicea, Adelaida (Narrator); Bravo Cordero, Adanis (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-29)
      I met Adelaida as she works with my dad, thats how I learned about her situation. During Maria, she lost the home she built around 2007, where her children grew up and many memories took place. She didn't really receive ...
    • Oral history interview with Amanda Luisa Prieto Garcia, May 1, 2022 

      Prieto Garcia, Amanda Luisa (Narrator); Marcano Quiñones, Lourdes (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-01)
      In this interview, Amanda Prieto talks about her experiences with ocean conservation.
    • Oral history interview with Jose Antonio Ruiz Questell, May 16, 2022 

      Ruiz Questell, Jose Antonio (Narrator); Ruiz Arce, Jose M. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-16)
      This interview talks about the change that education has undergone in recent years. This was done by talking with Jose A. Ruiz Questell who has been a teacher in the public system for 29 consecutive years. He mentions the ...
    • Oral history interview with Ismael Perez Cordero, March 12, 2022 

      Perez Cordero, Ismael (Narrator); Acosta Gonzalez, Ana B. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-12)
      Ismael talks about his journey with agroecology after taking a course with El Josco Bravo. He highlights key issues with industrialized agriculture and its agroecological alternatives and talks about the importance of ...
    • Oral history interview with Silvia Meléndez Benítez, May 15, 2022 

      Meléndez Benítez, Silvia (Narrator); Gallardo Ruiz, Amanda S. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-15)
      This interview consists of important details regarding the losses Silvia Meléndez Benítez endured at her business, which were virtually everything, as a consequence of the effects of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria back ...
    • Oral history interview with Raymond Lopez Irene, March 26, 2022 

      Lopez Irene, Raymond (Narrator); Rodriguez Perdomo, Perla (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03)
      This interview is about the struggle, the challenges of a 20 year old person that had to take care of his grandparent alone during the Hurricane Maria. In this interview we can see all that he had to suffer in the hurricane, ...
    • Oral history interview with Arelys Marzan, May 18, 2022 

      Arelys Marzan (Narrator); Lizmarie Sánchez Centeno (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-18)
      Injustice of gender-based prejudices.
    • Oral history interview with Maritza Rodriguez Rosado, March 16, 2022 

      Rodriguez Rosado, Maritza (Narrator); Mendez Rodriguez, Nachali M. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-16)
      In this interview, Maritza Rodríguez tells us about her experience as a manager during events such as Hurricane María and the [COVID-19] pandemic. In addition, she explains to us how the restaurant was affected during these ...
    • Oral history interview with Carlos Eziel Vega Rosario, May 4, 2022 

      Vega Rosario, Carlos Eziel (Narrator); Morales Gonzalez, Andre Jose (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-05-04)
      The interview is about inflation and fluctuation of prices throughout the past five years in Puerto Rico where the narrator had some stories from his point of view being a high school student and now a college student. ...
    • Oral history interview with Sandra Urbina Rodriguez, March 13, 2022 

      Urbina Rodriguez, Sandra (Narrator); Urbina Ramos, Paola M. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-13)
      In this interview with Sandra Urbina Rodriguez we discuss her experience in Huracan Maria as a 55 year old woman who lives alone and is affected by a number of health conditions and mobility disabilities. In addition, we ...
    • Oral history interview with Celimar Adames, April 2, 2022 

      Adames, Celimar (Narrator); Ramallo, Carola (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-04-02)
      This interview is about the experiences Celimar Adames had during hurricanes Irma and María. This was a very difficult time for every Puerto Rican, all the devastation that these natural disasters caused left many citizens ...
    • Oral history interview with Yamilet Aponte Claudio, April 2, 2022 

      Aponte Claudio, Yamilet (Narrator); Santana Rodriguez, Wilmary (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-04-02)
      Yamilet Aponte Claudio is currently majoring in Journalism, with a minor concentration in Accounting and Foreign Languages. I chose her for this project because I based the climate justice issue I chose for this on one of ...
    • Oral history interview with Wilson Guzmán González, March 13, 2022 

      Guzmán González, Wilson (Narrator); Guzmán Martínez, Andrea N. (Interviewer) (Oral History Lab @UPRM, 2022-03-13)
      In this interview, Wilson Guzmán González reflects on his time taking care of his father, Jaime Guzmán Alvarado, who had cardiovascular dementia. He starts by talking about his childhood and the process of moving from New ...