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dc.contributor.advisorFeliciano-Rivera, Merari
dc.contributor.authorFuentes-Aponte, Stephanie E.
dc.description.abstractAnthracnose disease caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, is the most destructive disease in yam (Dioscorea alata) cultivation worldwide. The objective of this research is to identify morphologic, pathogenic and molecularly, species of Colletotrichum spp. associated with this crop on Puerto Rico. Germplasm collection and yam farms around the island were evaluated and a complete morphological characterization was performed. Pathogenicity tests were performed in vitro and molecular markers for ITS region, GAPDH and β-tubulin were used. Characterization of 22 isolates of Colletotrichum spp. was completed. The identified species were C. gloeosporioides, C. ignotum, C. tropicale, C. aoteora, C. truncatum, C. alatae, C. fructicola, C. theobromicola, C. siamense and C. cliviae. All of these isolates were pathogenic with wound, and in some cases without the wound on the tissue. This fungi were found pathogenic in D. rotundata and nine of the pathogenic species are new reports for this crop on the island.
dc.description.abstractLa enfermedad más destructiva en el cultivo del ñame a nivel mundial es la antracnosis. El objetivo de esta investigación es el identificar morfológica, patogénica y molecularmente las especies de Colletotrichum spp. asociadas a este cultivo en Puerto Rico. Se evaluó la colección de germoplasma de ñame y fincas alrededor de la isla y se realizó una caracterización morfológica completa. Las pruebas de patogenicidad se realizaron in vitro y molecularmente se utilizaron los genes de ITS, GAPDH y β-tubulina. Se completó la caracterización de 22 aislados de Colletotrichum spp. Las especies identificadas fueron C. gloeosporioides, C. ignotum, C. tropicale, C. aoteora, C. truncatum, C. alatae, C. fructicola, C. theobromicola, C. siamense y C. cliviae. Todas fueron patogénicas con herida, y algunos casos sin herida en el tejido. Este hongo fue patogénico en D. rotundata y se pudieron identificar diferentes especies de este hongo que son nuevos reportes para la isla.
dc.description.sponsorshipZ-FIDA 22, C-520, H-94D y NIF-HSI Grant no. 2012-01871.en_US
dc.subjectCaracterización morfológica, patogénica y molecularen_US
dc.titleCaracterización morfológica, patogénica y molecular de especies de colletrotrichum asociados al follaje del cultivo de ñame (Dioscorea SPP.)en_US
dc.rights.licenseAll rights reserveden_US
dc.rights.holder(c) 2015 Stephanie E. Fuentes Aponteen_US
dc.contributor.committeeRivera Vargas, Lydia I.
dc.contributor.committeeGonzález Vélez, Agenol
dc.contributor.committeeRóman Paoli, Elvin
dc.contributor.representativeParés Matos, Elsie I. Protectionen_US
dc.contributor.collegeCollege of Agricultural Sciencesen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Crops and Agro-Environmental Sciencesen_US

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