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dc.contributor.advisorVillamil-Freytes, José A.
dc.contributor.authorMoreno-Rosado, Lilliam
dc.description.abstractThis study was an attempt to determine the perceptions of the secondary schools directors of the Educational Mayagüez Region about the Agricultural Education Program. The descriptive survey method with the questionnaire technique was used in this study. The instrument was first submitted to 15 directors to test for clarity, validity and pertinence of items. Questionnaires were mailed to 42 secondary schools directors, from which 39 participated in the study. The participants were 14 males and 25 females. The data for this study was collected in 9 schools districts of the Educational Mayagüez Region. All the data collected from the schools directors was tabulated and analyzed. The results showed the directors of secondary schools of the Educational Mayagüez Regions have a favorable perception of the Agricultural Education Program, its curriculum, facilities, benefits to the community and to the schools. The directors indicated that if they were assigned as school director in another school they would bring Agricultural Education Program to the new school as a vocational program. The secondary schools directors of the Educational Mayagüez Region are in need of more information about the courses of the Agricultural Educational Program to increase their knowledge and improve attitudes toward the Agricultural Education Programs as an option in the Secondary Schools.
dc.description.abstractEste estudio intentó determinar la percepción de los directores escolares de escuelas secundarias de la Región Educativa de Mayagüez acerca del Programa de Educación Agrícola. El instrumento descriptivo utilizado en esta investigación fue un cuestionario. El cuestionario fue validado previamente por un grupo de 15 directores para clarificar, validar conocer la cantidad de preguntas pertinentes. Luego fue enviado por correo a 42 directores de escuelas secundarias, de los cuales 39 participaron en el estudio. Los participantes eran 14 masculinos y 25 femeninas. Los datos obtenidos en este estudio fueron de 9 distritos escolares de la Región Educativa de Mayagüez. Todos los datos recopilados de los directores escolares fueron tabulados y analizados. Los directores escolares de la Región Educativa de Mayagüez presentaron una percepción favorable del Programa de Educación Agrícola, su currículo, facilidades, beneficios a la comunidad y a la escuela. Además, éstos indicaron que si fueran asignados como directores en otra escuela, escogerían el Programa de Educación Agrícola si fuera necesario un programa vocacional en su nueva escuela.
dc.subjectDirectores de escuelaen_US
dc.subjectPrograma de educación agrícolaen_US
dc.titlePercepción de los directores de escuela de la región educativa de mayagüez del programa de educación agrícolaen_US
dc.rights.licenseAll rights reserveden_US
dc.rights.holder(c) 2005 Lilliam Moreno Rosado.en_US
dc.contributor.committeePadilla Vélez, David
dc.contributor.committeeGonzález Nolla, Juan F.
dc.contributor.representativeMuñoz, Miguel Educationen_US
dc.contributor.collegeCollege of Agricultural Sciencesen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Agricultural Educationen_US

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