Generación y aprovechamiento de energía termoeléctrica

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Cuéllar-Santanilla, Carlos E.
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Castellano-Rodríguez, Dorial
College of Arts and Science - Science
Department of Physics
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A new thermoelectric material for the generation of electricity above room temperature has been prepared. It is constructed of innershield cored wire, a crystalline material such as Cs2CoCl4 and constantan. Its average Seebeck coefficient was measmed to be α ~830μV/K, resistivity has been moderate at around ρ~ 3x10-2Ωcm, thermal conductivity κ~1.03x10-2W/mK, yield η~0.2255 and figure of merit Z~5.16x10-3K-1 for a temperature difference ∆T~422K, where the high temperature was Th~736K and the cold temperature Tc~314K. These results were compared with those obtained from materials commercially prepared for these same aims. According to the spectroscopic X-rays analysis, the material is made up of Cs3CoCl5, Fe1.874Sn0.096O3, Co6C(CO)12S2, and Ba4In6O13 whose respective crystalline structures are tetragonal, hexagonal, monoclinic and orthorhombic.

Se ha encontrado un nuevo material termoeléctrico para la generación de electricidad a temperaturas sobre la del ambiente. El mismo se construye a partir de alambres con alma fundente, material cristalino tal como Cs2CoCl4 y constantán. Se ha medido su coeficiente de Seebeck promedio α ~830μV/K , resistividad ρ~ 3x10-2Ωcm, conductividad térmica κ~1.03x10-2W/mK, rendimiento η~0.2255 y figura de mérito Z~5.16x10-3K-1 a una diferencia de temperatura ∆T~422K, donde la temperatura de la parte caliente Th~736K y en la parte fría Tc~314K. Estos resultados fueron comparados con los que se obtienen de materiales comerciales preparados para estos mismos fines. Según el análisis espectroscópico de rayos X, el material se compone de Cs3CoCl5, Fe1.874Sn0.096O3, Co6C(CO)12S2 y Ba4In6O13 cuyas respectivas estructuras cristalinas fueron tetragonal, hexagonal, monoclínica y ortorrómbica.
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