Essential adaptive protection for potential UPRM microgrid system

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Lozano Inca, Fernando
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Orama-Exclusa, Lionel R.
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In response to frequent and prolonged power outages by the utility owing to lightning, hurricanes, earthquakes, including continuous faults within the University Puerto Rico at Mayag uez (UPRM) due to its outdated electrical infrastructure. We are proposing the installation of two cogenerators with a capacity of 2 megawatt (MW), which are considered for distributed energy resources (DERs) to the governing body of the UPRM. The UPRM electrical distribution system can become a feasible microgrid system model that, if implemented, can mitigate the e ects of future power outages. To attain this objective, this research focused on using modern technology equipment inside our UPRM electrical distribution and was modeled as a microgrid architecture in DigSilent software, which could operate in grid isolated mode, and parallel with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). Each operation mode is related to over-current protection settings and dynamic protection setting schemes to mitigate abnormal conditions and increase the level of resilience. Results show that the adaptive protection program designed for the campus-wide microgrid is e cient and that maintains a balance among both power generation and its demand when the utility service is missing.

Respondiendo a cortes de energ  a frecuentes y prolongados por parte de la entidad electrica a causa de rayos, huracanes, terremotos, as   como fallas continuas dentro de la UPRM debido a su infraestructura electrica obsoleta. Estamos proponiendo la instalaci  on de cogeneradores in situ de 2MW de capacidad, que se consideran un DER, al  organo de gobierno de la UPRM. Para convertir este sistema de distribuci on el ectrica en un modelo de sistema de microrred factible que, de implementarse, pueda mitigar los efectos de futuros cortes de energ  a. Para lograr este objetivo, en esta investigaci on se integr o exitosamente equipos de tecnolog  a moderna, y se model o una arquitectura de microrred en el software DigSilent, que puede operar en modo aislado de red y operaci  on interconectado de red a la AEE-PREPA. Cada modo de operaci on se relaciona en con guraciones de protecci on contra sobrecorriente y con guraci on de esquemas de protecci on din amica para mitigar condiciones anormales y aumentar el nivel de resiliencia. Los resultados muestran que el programa de protecci on adaptativa dise~nado para la microrred de todo el campus es e ciente y que este debe mantiener un equilibrio entre la generaci on electrica y la demanda, cuando servicio de la AEE falla.
University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez Campus)
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