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    Perfil antropométrico y condición cardiorrespiratoria de una banda de marcha universitaria
    ( 2024-05-10) Negrón Lugo, Coralys ; Del Río Pérez, Luis O. ; College of Arts and Sciences - Art ; Quiñones Padovani, Carlos E. ; Álvarez Feliciano, Ramón L. ; Torres Ramos, Carlos ; Pérez Flores, Lester ; Department of Kinesiology ; Géliga Vargas, Jocelyn A.
    The purpose of this study was to describe the anthropometric make-up and cardiorespiratory condition of members of the Centenary Marching Band in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus according to the type of instruments used. The sample consisted of 17 musicians, 6 females and 11 males. The measurements were carried out individually in a controlled, air-conditioned environment, at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez Campus. The average score for the measurements was calculated by instrument type and gender if necessary. During the data recollection, gender was not considered a variable, because it doesn’t affect the composition of the marching band. For the results, in the percentage of fat woodwind instruments and brass player were found in the range for the very poor category, and percussion in the good category (ACSM, 2022). For the relative adiposity analysis (Ross & Eard, 1984, as cited in Del Río et al., 2022), woodwinds and brass instruments were found in the obese category, and percussion were found in the less obese category. In body mass index (BMI) those who played woodwind were found in the obese type I category, brass players in pre obese and percussion normal (OMS, 2007, as cited in Del Río et al., 2022). In cardiorespiratory condition (VO2max), females that played woodwind were in the poor category. The males on average, were in the good category (ACSM, 2022). In conclusion, according to the description, is recommended that wind intrumentos improve their body composition and VO2max, to prevent injury related to playing their instrument while simultaneously marching and dancing. Also make physical exercise and the measurements part of the Centenary Marching Band in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus training plan.
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    Supervivencia de Lacticaseibacillus casei ATCC 393 encapsulado en queso blanco fresco
    ( 2024-04-04) Echevarría Medina, Mercedes D. ; Ponce de León, Leyda ; College of Agricultural Sciences ; Orellana, Lynette ; Plaza, María de Lourdes ; Department of Food Science and Technology ; Ortíz Rodríguez, Marcos E.
    In the present work, the microencapsulation process, and the viability of Lacticaseibacillus casei ATCC 393 in a calcium alginate matrix at different concentrations were evaluated. Fresh white cheese was used to transport those microorganisms and expose them to simulated gastric conditions. The design consisted of four treatments: CI, CII, T1 and T2. Tests of pH, titratable acidity, water activity, humidity, ashes, and microbiological count were carried out. A sensory test: different from the control was also performed. The results showed the following ranges: pH: 5.50 – 5.90, titratable acidity: 0.87% – 0.98%, aw: 0.96 – 0.97, humidity: 51.82% – 60.14%, ashes: 6.57% – 7.21% and counts of L. casei between 10^6 – 10^8 CFU/g of cheese. Furthermore, the sensory test showed perceptible differences between cheese samples. Even though there were some statistical differences between treatments, overall, microencapsulation of L. casei in calcium alginate does not produce significantly different changes in fresh white cheese or probiotic viability.
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    High genetic connectivity and moderate diversity detected in the Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) Cuvier, 1797 in Puerto Rico through reduced-representation DNA sequencing
    ( 2024-05-10) Zayas Cruz, Omar ; Schizas, Nikolaos ; College of Arts and Sciences - Sciences ; Cruz Motta, Juan ; Appeldoorn, Richard ; Department of Marine Sciences ; Medina-Lee, Juan
    Although octopuses are the third most fished marine invertebrate in Puerto Rico, there is a lack of information about this fishery. Here, we present the first small-scale study assessing the genetic diversity and connectivity of O. vulgaris in Puerto Rico. To achieve this, we applied double-digest Restriction-site Associated DNA sequencing, using the restriction enzymes EcoRI and SphI in 43 specimens captured from 10 locations representing 3 geographic regions. We used F-statistics and Bayesian analysis to evaluate over 2,000 polymorphic loci. We found high genetic connectivity (FST= 0.0008, FST=0.005), high nucleotide diversity (π≈0.1), and moderate genetic diversity (HO≈0.255-0.361, HE≈0.258-0.373) between the studied regions. In contrast to our expectations given oceanographic characteristics and distance between the geographic regions, our results suggest the occurrence of a single admixed population of O. vulgaris in Puerto Rico, with no differentiation between the sampled regions. Even though genomics techniques are powerful for inferring population connectivity, researchers should know protocol limitations to retain the most reliable information possible.
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    Determining factors that influence patient satisfaction in dental services in Puerto Rico
    ( 2024-05-03) Gonzalez Morell, Brendaliz ; Medina Aviles, Lourdes ; College of Engineering ; Claudio, David ; Velazquez , Maria ; Bonet, Samuel ; Department of Industrial Engineering ; Saavedra, Janitza
    Which factors make you feel satisfied at the end of a dental appointment? Are there parts of a service more important to you than others? Customer satisfaction is crucial in healthcare because satisfied customers are more likely to follow and complete treatments. In dental care, this is especially important because the incidence of periodontal diseases is 46% in the United States and higher in Puerto Rico. This research aims to understand the factors that influence patient satisfaction in dental care. To achieve this goal, first, text mining techniques were used to identify frequent words from online reviews in the United States. Second, an exploratory study implementing Kano Model principles was conducted in Puerto Rico to understand patient preference towards dental care service attributes. Understanding customer preferences through the Kano Model will allow dentists to implement features in the service that are most aligned with their patient preferences.
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    Detection and characterization of common microorganisms found in biotechnology plants using vibrational spectroscopy
    ( 2024-05-03) Carrion Roca, Wilmer ; Hernandez Rivera, Samuel P. ; College of Arts and Sciences - Sciences ; Rios Velazquez, Carlos ; Vega Olivencia, Carmen A. ; Mina Camilde, Nairmen ; Department of Chemistry ; George, Dibin M.
    This dissertation reports the spectroscopic investigation of common bacteria encountered in biopharmaceutical industries with spectroscopic definition and specificity using mid-infrared laser spectroscopy. Biopharmaceutical companies must proactively detect and identify bacterial contaminants in the clean-room environment in real-time, specifically in mixtures that will more likely manifest themselves rather than reactive classical methods that require long incubating periods (24-48 hr) and identification. The investigator focused on the identification using faster techniques of detection and characterization of bacteria species commonly recovered in the pharmaceutical clean rooms using different spectroscopic techniques such as quantum cascade laser spectroscopy coupled to a grazing angle probe (QCL-GAP), ATR (Attenuated Reflectance infrared spectroscopy among others. An important material commonly utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, such as stainless steel, was used as support media substrates for the bacterial samples to grow and demonstrate the ability and detectability of the spectroscopic technique used in this project. QCL-GAP spectroscopy was assisted by multivariate analysis (MVA) to assemble a powerful spectroscopic technique with classification, identification, and quantification capability to discriminate microorganisms from the same family. Principal component analysis and partial least squares discriminant analysis differentiated between the bacterial species, using (QCL-GAP) as the reference. Spectral differences in the bacterial membrane were used to determine if these microorganisms were present in the samples analyzed.