Assessment of Two Sweet Orange Cultivars Grafted on Selected Rootstocks Grown on an Inceptisol in Puerto Rico

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Tirado Corbalá, Rebecca
Segarra Carmona, Alejandro E.
Matos Rodríguez, Manuel
Rivera Ocasio, Dania
Estévez de Jensen, Consuelo
Pagán, Jeniffer
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College of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Crops and Agro-Environmental Sciences
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Sweet oranges in Puerto Rico and other citrus-producing areas in the world have been greatly affected by the Huanglongbing disease (HLB). Historically, most of Puerto Rico’s citrus production has been located from 0–600 m above sea level, where fruit acquire a desirable color and flavor due to climatic conditions. However, higher populations of the disease vector Diaphorina citri Kuwayama have been reported at these elevations in Puerto Rico. Although only 6.4% of the land area is located above 600 m, it is composed mainly of environmentally sensitive or non-arable land where Inceptisols are the dominant soil order. For that reason, ‘Marr’s Early’ and ‘Pera’ sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) scions grafted on ‘Carrizo’, ‘HRS 802’, and ‘HRS 812’ rootstocks were planted in Alonso clay series Inceptisol (Oxic Humudepts) at 649 m in 2010. Tree growth parameters (height, diameter, canopy volume) and yield efficiency were measured. Fruit quality was determined from juice content (%), total soluble solids [°Brix], and pH. Leaf tissue analyses showed an optimum range for Ca, Mg, Na, P, B, Cu, and Zn, an indicator of tree health. A few were high (i.e., N and P) or in excess (i.e., Fe), but no clear connection to specific scions or rootstocks could be established. Tree height, tree diameter, fruit production, and juice content were higher in both sweet oranges grafted on ‘HRS 802’ compared with those on ‘HRS 812’ and ‘Carrizo’. Therefore, ‘HRS 802’ rootstock can be recommended to local farmers growing sweet oranges in Alonso series soil.
'Marr's early' sweet orange,
'Pera' sweet orange,
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Tirado Corbalá, R., Segarra Carmona, A. E., Matos Rodríguez, M., Rivera Ocasio, D., Estévez de Jensen, C., & Pagán, J. (2020). Assessment of Two Sweet Orange Cultivars Grafted on Selected Rootstocks Grown on an Inceptisol in Puerto Rico [Article]. Horticulturae. Retrieved from